$100 a month

Art Mentorship

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Art Mentorship

0 ratings

I offer various flexible options for artists wanting to improve their skills. I asses each individual on a case by case basis and tailor a plan according to their skills and goals.

I will give relevant assignments, resources, critiques.

My main areas of expertise are

  • Digital Painting
  • Background/Layout Art
  • Background Design
  • Illustration
  • Perspective

Being fully self-taught, I've had to comb through a lot of resources so you don't have to. Art school can be expensive and time-consuming, while often not even providing you with the skills you need.
With experience in the animation industry on projects such as The Bob's Burgers Movie and The Cuphead Show, I know what is needed to land a job and I am here to help you reach the goal that you set yourself.


A one-on-one mentorship, including portfolio reviews, resources, assignments and feedback

Tailored Curriculum
One-on-One Communication
Detailed Portfolio Review
Assignments and Feedback